Avoid Spring and Strut Combo Regret!

Spring and strut combos are by far the most common type of suspension upgrade for Datsun Z's.
Most kits include "performance" or "lowering" springs, and gas shocks for around $500-$600.

These kits are half the price of an adjustable coilover setup for a reason.

1. Kits with lowering springs usually don't drop a Z enough to make an aesthetic difference. With linear springs you CAN cut coils off to lower the car, but your spring rates WILL sky rocket, and you'll LOSE strut travel. With progressive springs you're stuck with what you get, cutting anything off will ruin the spring.

2. "Performance" and/or "lowering" springs often boast higher spring rates for better handling, but the increase is marginal. As an estimate and generalization to save us both time, stock springs run under 100lbs, "performance" springs only run up to about 150-200lbs. Our recommended street car spring rates are 220-280lbs, and occasional track car rates are nearly DOUBLE that. Those performance spring are NOT going to perform well on the track or in the canyons.

3. Adjustable shocks sold with these combos usually offer about 5 adjustment settings. When dialed in soft the car feels like it did stock, and when turned stiff they give a bumpy ride with lackluster body roll improvement.

If that's not enough, let's go over the advantages of a Stance USA true adjustable coilover kit.

1. Height adjustment does not affect suspension stroke. The entire damper body threads up and down, meaning the spring and shock always have the exact same amount of travel. Now you don't slam the bump stops every 20 seconds when your car is low.

2. The dampers are inverted, keeping oil and gas away from the heat of the brakes, and puts cornering stress on the thicker part of the damper tube. Pictures and more explanation on Stance USA's website here.

3. Dampers offer 15 ways of adjustment, allowing you to fine tune the ride for any situation. You can also choose your own spring rates based on how you use the car, and Stance matches the damper valving to the spring rates you chose, ensuring that the damper and spring are in sync and efficient no matter what.

We have yet to meet someone who was truly happy with their spring and strut combo suspension. You may pay half the price, but you'll regret it every day like we did.